Simon Austin composer

SimonSimon Austin is a composer, arranger and conductor living and working in Sussex. He has written a number of large-scale choral works in collaboration with the author and poet Nick Nye as well as shorter, often bespoke, chamber pieces. Many of these works take a more humanist view on social issues of the time or comment on historical events. He has written and arranged many Christmas Carols and other sacred works.

He has written instrumental works and arrangements for a variety of forces.

As a performing musician, Simon has sung in and conducted many chamber and larger singing groups, from running his University Madrigal group, chamber choirs in London, Norfolk and Sussex and in Early Music groups, forming The Sussex Cantorum in 1991 for whom most of his choral work has been written. They have performed many of his arrangements of well-known music, giving concerts on a regular basis within the county. He plays in a recorder ensemble and enjoys listening to and performing in all forms of good music.

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