Simon Austin composer

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The Beautiful, Savage Star

Double  C-Tenor, Tenor, Bar, Bass and Piano 2014 | 2014

To melt the winter at the heart
Alike in hope as were those three
The faithful and the infidel
Converge on immortality

Bitter the night
And high the hill
The track so faint
And ths star so still

And out of the inner sea of dreams
Anothe comes, as all must come
Borne on the foot-falls of the blood
Into a world of glitter and slum

Bitter the night
And high the hill
The hovel so small
And the star so still

Can this be true, the only one?
We hunt out our image in his eye
That seems to ask what we cannot give
Like all who live consigned to die

Bitter the night
And high the hill
And the three who hung there
Hang there still

We offer him trinkets and scent in a jar
What do you bring to the source of all?
Are we fools, are we children to kneel to a child?
The fools we remain
We have heard him call

Bitter the night
And high the hill
But a newborn sun
Shivers winter's chill

For there we can taste the promised spring
Whether god or man, worth all we are
We rise, and part on our unknown ways
Drawn by the beautiful. 

Nick Nye