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Easter Trilogy

SATB SABar Soli, A Cappella | 1993

Secular Cantata.
first performance The Sussex Cantorum, Holy Trinity, Forest Row
Christine Armstrong, Janet Wardle, Andy Jacques

Text: Nick Nye 1, 2. AE Housman 3.
1. In Eden now, God walks the lonely avenues That echo his perfection.
2. Easter 1945 Not in the flight of fancy but only in the deed There is freedom.
3. Easter Hymn. If in that Syrian garden...

Easter Trilogy concerns the perilous conditions in the Garden of Eden today, the last days in the life of the Pastor, Dietrich Bonnhoffer, passing from one concentration camp to another; Buchenwald, Leiden, Regensberg, Schonberg and Flossenburg, where he was put to death and the conjecture in AE Housman's Easter Hymn of two paths after death: to sleep on, or for Resurrection.